Some Making, Some Cooking and Some Growing

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Making Herb Pot Markers. I use wooden Tongue Depressors from the $2 Shop to make markers for herb pots. Using non-toxic paint, I colour most of the depressor as shown and when it’s dry I do the other side, making sure the edges are also painted. I use a waterproof marker to write the name on the stick ( I used a Sharpie) and  a non-toxic paint, in this case a sample pot, for any food growing pot. Also, when Louis, our dog was a puppy, he chewed most of the labels one afternoon so I was glad they were non-toxic.

I usually paint ten sticks at a time.

Most paints only require one coat so this is a quick and easy job.


Cold Weather Cooking. I make several trays of pasties and freeze most of them for work lunches or weekend lunches.

Lots of nice spinach at the moment, so I made an egg, sheeps’ fetta, onion and spinach slice. Tastes best when cold, if you can wait that long.

Quick Apple, Almond and Coconut Slice. Didn’t add the coconut and it was still very good. Below is Ginger Caramel Slice. Irresistible. The recipe for both these slices comes from


The Sweetpeas have begun blooming.

They look pretty and smell gorgeous.

The first tulip is blooming but there are lots more about to come. This is Tulip Leen van Mark.

August 21st is World Fashion Day. Thinking about the amount of clothing in good condition that ends up in landfill, maybe it’s time to re-fashion something you already have?






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