Moving to the Country

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We spent Sunday in the country where my brother and sister in law have bought a property. Beverley was one of the early areas to be settled by Europeans in Western Australia and is 140 km east  of Perth. It took less than two hours to drive there. I’ve been imaging a couple of donkeys in the paddock behind the house, my brother thinks a unicorn would be better.

There’s an impressive range of goods and services, sporting opportunities, medical and aged care and a District High School available in Beverley.

The local airfield is home to the Beverley Soaring Society, the second biggest gliding club in Australia. Really interesting to watch and looks like great fun.

Delicious marinated beef salad for lunch. My sister in law has a great chook ( chicken) run and has already planned the vegetable garden. There’s a very old fig tree, an apple tree and grape vines. They have a big concrete rainwater tank to water the garden. Lucky!

Great street art in the main street of Beverley which is in the area known as the Wheatbelt, so surrounded by wheat and sheep farms.

The Kookaburra, an iconic Australian bird with a laugh-like call is related to kingfishers. Looks so good on the side of this building.

A red brick building in the main street of Beverley with an ubiquitous jacaranda tree. Country towns exhibit a wide range of building styles, including colonial, Art Deco and modern. Many of the older buildings, such as banks, post offices, town halls and churches are restored and maintained.

These towns also feature wide main streets, old buildings, strip shopping and many sporting opportunities.

Buildings in York, a nearby town.

Magnolia season. This is a Magnolia Grandifloria, a large very attractive tree which blooms from early November. It has a lemon scent and smells very nice. We took six with us to Beverley so they can plant an avenue of magnolias along the drive.

Also jacaranda season, so clouds of purple blooms with matching carpets of fallen petals underneath. These trees are very common and very pretty.

Today is Systems Engineer Day. They make an enormous contribution to the world every day, working on numerous complex projects such as spaceship design, computer chip development, robotics, software integration and even bridge design.

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