Shrove Tuesday, St Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year

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Crepes leading up to Shrove Tuesday.

The word “shrove” derives from shriven, which means being forgiven. Shrove Tuesday precedes Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent in the Christian calendar. Lent is traditionally a period of fasting, or giving up little luxuries, such as chocolate.

Shrove Tuesday dinner treats.

The ingredients symbolise Easter and Springtime (in the Northern Hemisphere)  Eggs represent creation, flour represent the staff of life and milk represents purity.

St Valentine’s Day this year falls on Wednesday, 14th February which is Ash Wednesday. Tricky if you are giving up chocolate for Lent.

There are so many theories about the origin of St Valentine’s Day, more commonly abbreviated to Valentine’s Day now. It has evolved into a celebration of love.

The exchange of cards originated in Victorian times, resulting from the mass production of printed materials.

Victorians were also very interested in floriagraphy, the language of flowers so their choice of flowers  often conveyed hidden meanings

Chinese New Year or Spring Festival begins on February 16th and ends on the second of March.

No firecrackers for us nor red envelopes, but lots of delicious little snacks eaten with the family at our favourite yum cha restaurant.

This is the Year of the Dog. Dogs are honest and loyal and the truest of friends. People born in the Year of the Dog apparently make reliable partners.

Have you celebrated this week?

February 14th is Valentine’s Day and also, in Australia,  Library Lovers’ Day, celebrating how we love libraries and how they have helped shape our national identity. Libraries result in countless hours of entertainment and knowledge through books, CDs, activities, story telling and access to newspapers and other sources of information. You can also download films and documentaries……and it’s all free.

There is one public library for every 15 000 people in Australia. Drop into your local library to find out the events planned this week and enroll if you’re not a member.


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