Easter Planning

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Easter is celebrated in autumn in the southern hemisphere and the change in temperature is very welcome, except it hasn’t happened in WA, yet! It’s so very hot.

This is the first time I’ve made a layered cake and it was very easy but took a lot of time as I didn’t have two same sized cake tins. I made a double mix of butter cake and then divide it into four lots and added food dye.

I tried to make the dyed batter similar in colour to the speckled chocolate eggs used in the decoration. I used a very simple butter cream between the layers and to cover the cake then added the eggs.

This cake was delicious! And pretty.


Decorating boiled eggs. Bought a packet of coloured Sharpies and was keen to try them, so cut out two rabbit templates and lightly glued each one onto a hard boiled¬† egg, dotted blue around the template and then peeled it off. Quick and easy decoration, once you’ve cut out the template!


Blue and white shrink wrap boiled eggs. I got these from EBay.

Hello Easter Bunny. He used to sit on my desk at school but now he’s on our dining table with the other Easter themed decorations. Louis, our dog, doesn’t eat chocolate so he has his own Easter Bunny ready in the cupboard for the day. Wonder how long it will last?


Other table decorations. Our other favourite part of Easter is hot cross buns. We’ll make them for Easter Sunday.

How do you celebrate Easter? What special things do you do and eat?

We have just had Know Your Neighbour Day in Australia. The theme this year has been ” The Importance of a Supportive Neighbourhood for Children and Young People” The idea is to focus on encouraging¬† all Australians to support safe and welcoming communities for children.




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